What is GERD? The Best Cure for Acid Reflux


Do you wake up nights with sudden, severe burning in the back of your throat? If your pain attacks you like mine used to attack me, you feel like your windpipe is on fire from acid and the hot liquid in the back of your throat has you in a panic because you can’t breathe.

You immediately jump up out of bed and rush to get a glass of water. Your eyes are watering and you are gasping for breath as you try to sip the water and put out the fire. You then go and sit on the side of your bed with your hands on your knees trying to will your breathing back to normal, suffering as you wait for the burning to dissipate.  
Heart on Fire

As you slowly begin to recover, you grab a couple antacid tablets and shove them in your mouth (this is a bad idea – read every word of this article and you’ll find out why).

I’m sure you already know this, but what you just suffered was an attack of GERD, or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder – you probably call it acid reflux or heartburn.

But just what is GERD?

GERD occurs when your stomach acid flows from your stomach back up into your esophagus. No wonder you feel that horrible burning – you’re feeling acid! GERD attacks happen most often when you’re sleeping because your stomach and throat are on pretty much the same level, making it easy for the acid to flow from the one to the other.

Rather than suffer the horrible side effects of prescription medications, you take   antacid tablets (I used to take handfuls of them!) or drink the infamous pink medicine (when I even think about it now I still gag!) These usually stop your pain, but only for a few hours.

The problem with antacids is they offer only temporary relief and they don’t fix your problem — they only mask the symptoms.   Besides researchers inform us antacids can actually increase your stomach acid!  How?Antacids

When your brain recognizes an unnatural substance in your system that’s reducing your supply of stomach acid it alerts your stomach: “Something is happening to your acid supply! Make more acid! Make more acid!” Your stomach then actually produces more stomach acid to make up the shortage.

When the antacid wears off, your increased stomach acid continues doing damage to your esophagus, actually burning the lining, much like a sunburn. Over time, this can lead to cancer.


There are cures for GERD found in nature. Thousands of people have been totally cured of the disorder using food they purchased in their grocery store! Using this natural cure, symptoms can be gone in as little as two days and the disease itself totally cured in no time!

Just imagine sleeping all night and never waking up with the horrible burning in your throat again. No more sleeping in chairs, afraid to lie down. No more 4 am TV infomercials when you are dead tired but too afraid to go back to bed.

The natural cure for GERD approach I used can be found in a very special program designed by a certified nutritionist and former heartburn sufferer.

His inexpensive course taught me how to free myself of acid reflux using a step by step success system. His materials are  jam-packed with a valuable information on the natural GERD cure that permanently eliminates your heartburn from the ROOT and achieves LASTING freedom from digestive disorders.

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