Welcome to About The Family

I suppose this blog is mostly about our family.

But, really,  it’s about your family, too.

Hi.  My name is Jenny Rantoul and together we are going to take a look at what makes our families happy.

Then we are going to figure out different ways to keep them not only happy, but healthy.  We will be looking at natural ways to fight off  sickness and simple ways to enjoy time together as a family unit.

About the Family Blog - Jenny RantoulLet me say up front that I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, marriage counselor, psychologist, veterinarian, or any of those things.  I am a writer and a researcher. That is my passion and that is how I make my living. So when someone asks me a question, off I go and do the research necessary to sit down and write an article.  I’ve been doing it for years and I try very hard to do it well.

In the many articles we will prepare for About the Family you will see numerous references. These will be references to material I used in my research and to  help  guide you through family issues, relationship problems, health matters, and other things related to your family.  These issues may be as diverse as heartburn, home schooling,  broken hearts and how to build humming bird feeders!

We will focus on things that make our families happy, like:  Health.  Family entertainment.  Family pets.  Family outings and family vacations.  We will even have a newsletter for those who join our free e-mail list.

Oh, and we will have guest writers and bloggers come in and share information with us. In fact, if you would like to submit an article, you are welcome to do so. Feel free to send me a note.  Also, your comments are always welcome at the end of each article.   But watch out. If you leave a question I may just research it and write an article!

So come on along and let’s all share some stories and experiences about our families!

Sound good?

Great!  Then thanks for joining us on our journey all about the family!


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