Think You Cannot Lose Weight? Yes You Can!

Losing weight is a challenge that millions of people throughout the world face. With our ever increasing busy lifestyles, increasing availability of convenience/fast food and increasing waistlines, losing weight has become a global problem.

In fact many governments now consider obesity among their top health concerns.

If you, like millions of others around the world, have tried and to lose weight and failed, you may think you are doomed to be heavy — but that is simply not the case! If you would really like to slim down, even if  you have never been successful before, then we really need you to read on.

Step 1: Food, Glorious Food

First of all you need to throw out all your junk food! Anything high in salt, sugar, fat and anything that is highly processed should be disposed of.

Similarly a good example of a highly processed food is white rice and white pasta this should be exchanged for wholemeal pasta and wholemeal rice.

Now, all you need to do is fill your cupboards with healthy and nutritious foods such as fish, white meat and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Next, you need to alter your food preparation method; instead of frying, deep frying and using lard or fat, opt for grilling, baking and use low fat oil.

This will avoid adding those unnecessary calories and fat and ensures that no nutrients are removed from your food.

It is also essential that you eliminate all soft drinks and alcohol from your diet as they are high in carbohydrates and sugar.

Ensure that you drink plenty of water, as it not only helps keep you hydrated but will help suppress your appetite making losing weight even easier!

Step 2: Goal Setting

In order for you to achieve any form of success when losing weight this step is vital. In fact, goal setting is important in every aspect of your life.

First, you need to set your main goal and decide what it is that you want to achieve, how much weight you want to lose and by what date.

For example, I want to lose 40lb by 31/12/2012. Now you need to break your main goal down into many mini goals such as: I want to lose 3lb per week.

This mini goal will keep you more motivated than just focusing on your main goal as it can seem that you are a long way from achieving it.

Having a goal is brilliant but in order to maintain focus on it you must write it down on a card that you can view several times per day for minimum of 28 days.

This will allow your subconscious mind to accept the goal as fact, and it will simply become a new habit making it seem easier to achieve.

The goal must be written on the card in the following format: I am so happy and grateful now that I lost 40lb by the 31/12/2012.

This will give you maximum benefit as it reads as if the goal has already been achieved which again will increase your chances of success. The reason is your subconscious mind will accept this as fact.

Step 3: Keeping Track

Staying motivated and on track is essential when trying to achieve weight loss success and the best way to do that is to keep a record of your weekly progress.

Simply write down your weight loss week by week.

Doing this will remind you how well you are doing and make you less likely to divert from your plan — massively increasing your chances of reaching your dream weight.

Another way to keep yourself motivated and avoid diverting from your plan is to keep a food journal.

Simply write down everything you eat and review it each week.

This makes it easier to not only to see how well you are doing, but helps you see what foods you could potentially exchange for a healthier alternative to further enhance and speed up your weight loss success.

Step 4: Visualize Your Success

The next step in the journey to your dream weight is to visualize.

Visualization is simply a mental technique similar to daydreaming where you hold the image of your goal in your mind as if it has already been achieved.

For example, you will see yourself in that new dress, by the pool in a bikini, or simply looking slender and radiant.

This will aid you not only to stay enthused and motivated, but in accordance with the universe, you will attract the tools, people and circumstances to help you achieve the goal/image that you hold prominently in your mind; making reaching your desired weight a breeze!

Positive affirmations are another prominent part in creating the mindset that you need to have in order to be successful in your weight loss endeavors.

Like goals, affirmations should be written down and read 3 times per day for a minimum of 28 days in order for your subconscious mind to accept them as fact.

Some good examples of affirmations are: “I only eat healthy and nutritious food” and “I always maintain a healthy weight for me”.

Okay, so now you have some affirmations to work with let’s move onto the final step.

Step 5: Share the Experience

Sharing your experience with others is vital to your weight loss success. Venting your frustrations will make you feel much better and make you less likely to binge and divert from your diet.

If you can find someone else that is also on a recommended diet program you will be able to share similar frustrations and successes which can be very reassuring and ultimately help you achieve the weight loss success you desire.

So there you have it; the 5 most important steps that must be followed for true weight loss success!

You now know:

  • What to eat
  • How to prepare your food
  • How to set goals
  • How to make your goals work for you
  • How to track your progress to keep you motivated
  • How to really skyrocket your weight loss success and
  • How to create affirmations and visualize

This article was written by Ben Wilson, an internationally renowned weight loss consultant, motivational speaker and creator of the Fast Diet Success Program.

For more weight loss tips visit Ben’s Fast Diet Success Program Website.

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