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If you, or your spouse, suffer from snoring, you are certainly not alone. Almost one fourth of all couples seriously suffer from this terrible condition. No wonder so many people want to learn how to stop snoring. Many would love to know if they can stop snoring naturally — without drugs or surgical procedures.

Let’s face it: not only is the problem irritating, but constantly waking up from either the loud snoring, or a spouse’s elbow to the ribs, can rob you of all sleep.  


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Going without sleep can be hazardous to your health — it can even be life threatening!

Think about if you fall asleep driving on the freeway — or just lose focus and nod off. Just a moment’s inattention can lead to a serious, even fatal, accident.

Snoring is also life threatening when you think of the emotional toll it exacts. Lack of sleep can lead to nervous break-downs, strokes and heart attacks!

Who is to blame?

You have probably tried numerous things to eliminate snoring, but nothing has helped. Many people undergo dangerous surgical procedures, which are extremely expensive. Many find themselves worse off after surgery.

You Must Understand What Causes Snoring Before You Can Stop It

Snoring is always caused by some kind of blockage in the breathing passage.

When the breathing passage is blocked, the airflow becomes irregular — it is no longer flowing smoothly as it should be.

This irregular flow of air slams into the soft tissues in your breathing passages — knocking them around like a door in a wind storm. The mouth and throat then act like speakers!

The noise worsens as the soft palate (a flexible part of the back of the roof of the mouth) starts vibrating. When the soft palate is weak, the tip of it will bang down on the tongue like a bongo drum.

Even though snoring has only one basic cause, it can still be very complicated to cure. Why? Because the type and amount of blockage varies greatly. What is worse, most snorers have multiple types of blockage causing their problem.

Here Are a Few Different Causes of Snoring

A weak tongue falls into the throat and blocks it.

—- this problem is very common when you sleep on your back. There are exercises designed to strengthen the tongue.

Tense jaw muscles place pressure on the breathing passages.

— Many dentists treat this condition with dental implants. A simpler solution, however, is to loosen and relax the jaw muscles through exercise.

A soft Palate

— If the palate is weak it will flap around and make the snoring sound. Most of the time the palate is not too big — it is too weak. When the palate is not firm enough it may lay too close to the tongue. This makes it easy for the palate to flap around and make irritating snoring sounds. There are exercises designed to correct this.

Any obstructions that build up in your throat

—- Any obstructions in the throat will dam up your breathing passage. The most common are fat tissue or cigarette tags in the throat. Allergies are the main culprit in the nasal passages.

How Can You Get Rid of these Blockages That Cause Your Snoring?

Isn’t it common sense that you can exercise this portion of your body the same as any other body part?

A few simple exercises, each focused on a specific area in and around your throat, will remove ANY blockage you have — no matter what is causing your snoring.

The simplicity of this concept is that it doesn’t matter exactly what is causing the blockage of your breathing passage — the same few exercises will still provide the cure.

Exercising and training the tongue will strengthen it and prevent it from dropping into your throat when you are sleeping.

Using specific jaw exercises will loosen up the jaw and remove tension. You’ll be truly amazed how much easier you will be able to breathe after doing the jaw exercises.

The exercises for the throat are designed to open it up, and will prevent it from closing as you sleep. They will also strengthen and lift up your soft palate so that it will no longer flap.

These Stop Snoring Exercises are Designed to Let You Work Smart — Not Hard

In fact, you can make the choice how many minutes a day you want to train. How long you exercise each day is up to you. You can trainhow to stop snoring in as little as three minutes a day!

For faster, and permanent, results, the recommendation is a ten minutes per day commitment.

How quickly will the exercises work?

It varies between people.

The recommendation is that you be prepared to work the program for two months.

The program will probably stop your snoring faster than that, but if you’re prepared to give it two months, it is guaranteed that you will cure yourself.

Are you ready to commit ten minutes a day for two months to permanently cure your snoring?

Remember — you will undoubtedly begin having quiet nights long before those two months are up!

We hope to soon receive your success story. There is nothing greater than opening the morning email and reading the stories of the good folks who have healed themselves using these stop snoring exercises.

No doubt about it — snoring puts a tremendous strain on many relationships.

Many couples have been forced to sleep separately.

Others have learned to live with the snoring — but there are always hidden resentments.

Give the exercises a try. When you commit to these exercises, I can promise you there will be nothing but quiet, restful nights in your future.

Try some of the exercises out for FREE! You will see why they have helped thousands of people learn how to stop snoring.

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