What Causes Vertigo? A Natural Treatment for Vertigo & Dizziness

It is actually amazing that we can in fact stand on two feet without falling. And not only that, many of us can run, jump, spin around in circles or even ride a bike down a steep stony mountain hill without falling.

But unfortunately, the balance system does not always function correctly and when it stops functioning we experience a feeling that has been named vertigo — which is also described as dizziness.

Actually, the two are not the same thing. The cause is the same, but the feelings produced are experienced in different ways.  


VIDEO: MAYO CLINIC: The Causes of Vertigo & Dizzy Spells

Notwithstanding specific impairments, the human balance system allows us to do this.

Everyone has experienced some form of dizziness or vertigo. Perhaps an ear infection left you wobbly on your feet. Or, you’ve suddenly jumped up from a sitting position very quickly and felt the need to sit right back down.

Why Do We Develop Vertigo And Dizziness?

Generally speaking, there is no need to try to locate a cure if you only experience this occasionally and for very short terms.

On the other hand, thousands of people suffer from what is called chronic vertigo / dizziness. When you suffer from this condition, you are constantly dizzy or you become dizzy several times a year, month or even week –– usually without an obvious reason.

An impaired balance system is the cause of this chronic condition.

Did you know that you actually have three balance system? They are:

  • The eyes
  • The ears
  • The body sense

Our balance system is so designed that even if one part goes out, we will probably only feel slightly off-kilter, but we will still function fairly normally. To illustrate — most folks who are blind can still walk normally; so can a person who has a problem with the balance system in their ears.

On the other hand, we are not so fortunate two or three of our balance systems become impaired.

How Can You Improve Your Balance System?

It has been discovered that stress and/or muscle tension around your eyes, your ears, or your upper body is frequently responsible for vertigo or dizziness the majority cases.

Natural treatment for vertigoFor instance, ear impairments will create a slightly dizzy feeling, as if things are slightly off-kilter. The unsteady feeling is the result of the brain trying to process these different perceptions. Still, if your eyes and body are 100%, the problem is not debilitating.

On the other hand, when your reading glasses are not the right strength, you feel a slightly different type of dizziness — you have probably experienced this. Even so, if your ears and body are fine, you can still function fairly normally. It would certainly be a rare event that you would feel so dizzy that the world feels as though it is spinning around you.

Rather than take this illustration to an extreme, let’s cut to the chase. The obvious solution, if you are having problems with one or more of your balance systems is to strengthen and loosen up all the surrounding muscles. Doing so will, at the same time, strengthen your body’s balance awareness.

Christian has designed an outstanding a vertigo and dizziness program that is designed to accomplish exactly this. Each balance system does not have to be at 100%. If each one is well above average, complete relief can be attained. Christian is a well known natural health researcher and the author of many natural health alternatives. His vertigo treatment has assisted thousands of people to cure dizziness and vertigo using all natural exercises.

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