Home Remedies for Psoriasis

We know that most psoriasis sufferers have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on doctors and skin products.. All of this money has been spent by people desperate to end the burning, scaly skin that they are forced to live with every day.

You know how painful and difficult it can be to live with psoriasis if you suffer with it. There probably isn’t a lotion or ointment that you haven’t used.

Most of them have never been told about the natural psoriasis home remedies that are safe and inexpensive and will give them lasting relief.

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These home remedies start with simple things that you can change in your home. And, thankfully, they are very inexpensive.

Start by adjusting the thermostat in your house or apartment. When temperatures fluctuate greatly, flare ups can be the result. Whenever you are going from one extreme to another it is best to give your body time to adjust.


Itching is frequently caused by perspiration. You already know too well that scratching irritated skin can lead to flare ups.Here is your simple first tip as part of a psoriasis home remedy — keep your body cool and avoid overheating. Try different settings until you find the one that triggers the fewest flare-ups and stick with that one. Then you just need to make certain you keep your home at that optimum temperature.


Eliminate the toxins in your body by getting rid of the processed foods in your diet. Your diet should be made up of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also natural seeds, nuts and legumes should be included.


Consume only healthy fats found in cold water fish like mackerel and salmon, also avocados and olives. This fat will help reduce inflammation in your system. In addition to olive oil you might also use flax seed oil or other cold-pressed oils high in omega-3 fats.


Frequently apply unscented skin moisturizers. Take short baths or showers in cool to lukewarm water — never hot. You will want to just pat yourself dry after bathing. Before your skin is completely dry, quickly seal in the remaining moisture with a quality skin cream or moisturizer.


All toiletry items should be non-allergenic and not have a fragrance. This includes such things as your shampoo, your bath and hand soaps, and your deodorant. Make certain your clothes are also washed in a natural detergent.


You have just started using psoriasis home remedies, but you feel better already! Just wait until you see all of the other things that will not only relieve your symptoms, but cure your condition!

The above points were taken from the publication “Psoriasis Free for Life” which sets out a series of psoriasis home remedies in a detailed program that has cured thousands of people of their psoriasis. You can read their experiences here:

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