How to Survive an Affair

Your spouse has been unfaithful.

He or she has betrayed your sacred marriage vows. You have been left to suffer with your anger, anxiety, grief, and a shattered sense of self-esteem and self worth.

You are afraid you will never get beyond this nightmare you are living right now. You are wondering if your life will ever be the same — not this collection of shattered pieces you have right now.   We understand.

You need to know that there is hope for your marriage.  Couple Arguing  Thousands of couples have gone through what you are going through right now and have survived it. You can, too.

But you don’t want to just stay together; you want to use this heartbreaking experience to build a better marriage than you had before.

Let’s talk about the reality of saving your marriage after an affair. It may be hard to fathom considering how much you may be hurting right now. By reading this, however, you’re at least hoping it’s possible for you.

An affair is usually a sign that a marriage was already in trouble. But you can actually use an affair as the spark that to help you finally experience the relationship you hoped for when you first got married.

When you first fell in love you no doubt felt that exhilaration of feeling alive and being attractive, smart, funny, witty and all those other wonderful dancing-on-top-of-the-world feelings.

That’s part of the thrill that drives the search for that special person.

Love is the focus of most songs, movies, and women’s conversations around the world. Love can make you crazy, even insane. But, let’s face it, love is what makes the world go around.

Remember this important point: A great love affair is at the core of every great marriage.

You may know couples in their seventies or eighties who are obviously still very much in love after decades of marriage.

Everyone who gets married hopes their marriage will be exceptional. When it works, it’s one of the most fulfilling
experiences possible. But most married couples, over time, become friendly roommates at best. For many marriage ends in a hateful divorce.

An affair can destroy a marriage and, more often than not, it does. But believe it or not, it can also bring you closer and make your marriage stronger and richer than before the affair.

It all depends on how you deal with the fall-out.

If you’re ready to begin repairing your marriage and co-creating a better marriage than you had before, you’ll want to undertake a process.

This process will help you create a different energy between you and your mate and help you come together as a team. This won’t necessarily be easy — or even comfortable — but if you follow the right advice, you really will be able to build a new, better marriage.

Just imagine no longer having to feel the way you are feeling now. Imagine once again trusting your mate and being comfortable with him (or her). You can put an end to the hurt and Kara will show you how.

Here is a very helpful resource:

How to Save Your Marriage


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