The First Kiss – How First Kisses Go Wrong!

Everyone that has been on a first date has no doubt had a terrible kiss moment. This is something that most men need to understand because it’s usually their fault. The thing is — women help create the awkward situation.

Ladies, when a man takes you out on a date there is a great likelihood that he will want to kiss you before the date is over. He is biding his time until you give the signal that he’s been charming, witty and has spent enough on dinner

Here’s where the problem lies: Men are not very good at reading signals. 

Sure, you may send out subtle signals all evening. At times a man will even  stand next to a woman who keeps leaning closer, tilt her head and close her eyes and he still never picks up on the message.

Perhaps that example seems a bit extreme, but sometimes these steps are necessary if a woman ever wants to be kissed!

Perhaps the most awful to happen on a first date is an awkward moment at the door. The thing is, it is amazing how many women are actually responsible for creating this awkward moment.

Kissing Early on a Date is Best

You know the old parable about everyone ignoring the elephant in the room. Have the decency to recognize it and do something about it.

Chances are he is trying to listen to your story about your first job, but he’s really thinking about the first kiss. Am I wasting my time? Will she kiss me?

Women frequently complain that their boyfriends or husband tend not to remember anything about what you talked about on your first date. Well, that is the reason why. The whole evening this constant tape is running in their minds.

What’s the answer?

Well, here is a kissing technique that dating coaches have been passing down to women for many generations. If you gals reading this article have never tried it, please be assured it works extremely well!

Sometime early during the date, ask him, “Do you want to kiss me?”

Sound scary? You don’t have to worry because there is an escape hatch. This also gives you an excellent opportunity to find out early in the date if the guy you are with is interested.

Here’s the thing: There are three answers: yes, maybe, or no.

If he says yes (and obviously you want to kiss him), then say “what are you waiting for?” And then you kiss.

If he says no, then you might say something like: “Oh, it looked like you had something on your mind.”

If he says maybe, you might say: “Well, let’s find out.” And let him make the move.

By doing this earlier in the date, you are avoiding an awkward situation that will actually cause him to be less attracted to you. The truth be told, the awkward moment at the front door is way too much pressure.

Try getting it out of the way early and you will have a much better date!

The information in this article was based on the book “Girl Gets Ring” which is a tutorial on how women can get their men to pop the question — even if they have shown reluctance for years! It’s a great read!

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